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Phonic comfort

Be it at home, at work or at play, we spend ninety percent of our time in enclosed spaces.

Our ear is constantly solicited by myriads of sounds streaming between the walls. Left uncontrolled, they induce long term stress, loss of concentration, sleep disruptions, aggressiveness and diminished attentiveness.

Here's the sound impact on an untreated wall:

Confort phonique

About 10% of sound is absorbed.

... the action of the acoustic panel (from 500Hz):

Confort phonique

90 to 100% of sound is absorbed.

Curve of absorbtion of our 50mm panels, according to ISO 354

Confort phonique

Well thought out acoustics enhance well-being and the comfort to which we are entitled in the interior spaces where we spend our time.

Our panels provide this level of phonic comfort thanks to an acoustic fabric fitted on an aluminium frame. The acoustic fabric allows the transmission of sound waves to an underlying material of optimal absorbancy. Furthermore, it is suitable for high-definition printing of your chosen illustration.

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